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Ghawazi Caravan is a Blue Mountains based dance company who perform Tribal Style Bellydance, a contemporary, Western, fusion dance form that seamlessly blends ancient and modern traditions in a unique and beautiful way.

Middle Eastern dance, Flamenco and North African dance are some of the strong influences for Ghawazi Caravan. They pay homage to the cultures they are inspired by, considerately incorporating them into their contemporary Australian experience.

The term ‘Tribal Style’ is a used within the Bellydance community to describe a style where the connection and interaction between dancers is a dominant part of the performance and this element is one of the most enjoyable and fun aspects to watch

Devi teaching at TribalFest, CA


Intermediate & Advanced ATS® with Devi Mamak

Wednesdays from 6.30pm at Hazelbrook

Contact: devimamak@ghawazicaravan.com / 0419184231

ATS® Fundamentals with Cristie Fuller

Tuesdays 7.45 to 8.45pm at Leura

Leura Public School, Cnr Mount Hay Rd and Willow Park Ave
Contact: hello@cristiefuller.com

ATS® Fundamentals / Intermediate / Fusion with Cristie Fuller

Mondays from 6.00pm at Marrickville

Amera’s Palace Belly Dance Studio Lv 2, 314 Marrickville Road, MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204
Contact: ameraspalace.com.au Tel: 02 9519 4793

See Classes for more information.

Upcoming Events

Devi and Emily Teach at Sublime Sundays in Springwood N.S.W. 28th August 2016

Devi is thrilled to teach alongside fellow Ghawazi member and African dancer Emily Cooper in the first of an ongoing series of workshops in the Blue Mountains.
For more info see: handsheartfeet.com/events.aspx


Helm Live in Sydney 8th October 2016

Ghawazi Caravan performing in an evening of music and dance with legendary musicians Helm of California, USA!
Enjoy a beautiful concert featuring Mark Bell on percussion and Ling Shien Bell on vocals and wind instruments … plus fabulous support band, Kush Cabaret and professional dance performers.
Tickets: $28
Venue: Amera’s Palace, Lv2 314 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW.
Contact: 95604793

For more, see Upcoming Events.

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