Our Student/Sister Troupes


Artistic Director: Devi Mamak

Ghaziya was formed in late 2004 in order to give the students of Devi’s Intermediate class an opportunity to perform and develop their skills at low key events.

Ghaziya has attracted many talented and dedicated students, both long-tem and short term members, and put much effort in to their dance and costumes… as well as sharing that Tribal camaraderie.

They perform several times a year at the very popular TRIBAL STUDENT SOIREES which are held in around Sydney as well as events such as: Hazelbrook Garden Festival, performances for retirement homes, Dance Week celebrations, Festival Follies at the Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival, local fairs and festivals and of course our Blue mountains Belly dance Christmas parties.

Meet Ghaziya’s current members and check out more of their gorgeous photos onĀ Facebook.


Devi with manton - photo Alma Sarhan

Oreades Tribal Bellydance

Artistic Director, Cristie Fuller

Formerly ‘The Kurves’ directed by Kelly ‘Kurvy’ Guenther. Cristie of Ghawazi Caravan took over Kellie’s classes at Amera’s Palace, Marrickville in May 2012.
She has been building the repertoire and performance skills of this fabulous troupe, now with the appellation, ‘Oreades Tribal Bellydance’ (after both the mythical creatures in the Greek pantheon with beautiful flowing hair and the elegant Eucalyptus species).
Oreades contains some talented and beautiful dancers of much dance and performance experience. They study and perform both ATS and Fusion and are credited with high enthusiasm, community spirit, and expressive joy in their performance.

Ghawazi Girls

Artistic Director, Devi Mamak

Ghawazi Girls was formed in mid 2005 after Devi was asked continuously to start up a Belly dance class for under 12’s. The classes have proved to be a real success with a focus on movements used in all forms of belly dance as well as working with your peers and of course…fun.

Soon after the classes started it was evident to Devi that these young girls were itching to perform! The members of Ghawazi girls have been growing up with dance and so class is now ‘under 14’s’ and the older girls are able to perform more complicated funky choreographies, many already learning to choreograph for themselves.

To date they have performed at many TRIBAL STUDENT SOIREES, Blue Mountains Belly Dance Christmas parties, Market day at Tribal and Trance Fest, The Middle Eastern Dance Festival’s Festival Follies, fairs and school events.