For the first time ever and due to the strange times we are living in…

Devi has filmed five workshops that will be available as a link via Vimeo. Grab the link in your own time and watch as often as you like!
Ten hours of learning material in total in a variety of styles and topics, see below to find out what is on offer.

The workshops are either 1, 2 or 3 hours in length.
The cost is AU$20 per hour or buy the whole 10 hours for AU$180.

1. Email or send her a FaceBook message with your workshop order and payment method.

2. Make payment through direct debit (preferable if you live in Australia) or PayPal, the address is

3. Links will be emailed to you once payment goes through.

All workshops use music by Sydney artists. These truly talented musicians are Devi’s family, friends and colleagues. I hope you will help us support them in these uncertain times and check out their tunes!

Workshop 1: Arms and hands for slow FCBD® Style (ATS®)

1 hour
This workshop is available now!
In this 1 hour workshop Devi will share with you her technique for beautiful arms and hands which you can apply no matter the style. We will then apply this technique to some of our favourite classic and modern FCBD® slow steps. If you have just started dancing or are a seasoned professional looking to get more out of your arm movements this is a great workshop for you.
Level: Beginners to advanced.
Music used: Sydney classical pianist and composer Natasha Ivanovsky Perkins.
To purchase her music contact:

Workshop 2: Lyrical slow FCBD® Style (ATS®)

1 hour
This workshop is available now!
Devi will take you through some of our favourite FCBD® slow movements as well as giving you a taste of some of Ghawazi Caravan’s new movement dialect steps which will be available as a downloadable DVD, “Devi’s Inspired Combinations Volume 2” later in 2020.
The focus of this choreographed workshop will be to listen to the music and become the physical manifestation of the the sound. We will look at the quality of each step, using resistance and release and matching the movement to the sound. Get the most out of your dance and become the music!
Level: Beyond beginners to advanced. Must have at least 6 months experience in FCBD® style.
Music used: Level by Sydney Jazz fusion quartet Altered State.
To purchase their music:

Workshop 3: Modern Fusion Bellydance Choreography

3 hours
This workshop will be available by Monday 27th April the latest.
This fun and sensuous choreography will have all the sass you can muster! If you love neo-soul you will this brand new track by Sydney band, Kyoshi.
This workshop will be split into 3, one hour sections where we will learn some of Devi’s fun and slinky combinations which you can inject into your own creations. Either learn the combinations on their own or link them together in this exciting choreography with plenty of slink, locks and pops. There will be plenty of time to go over technique and to drill the combinations and choreography to your heart’s content.

Level: Beyond beginners to advanced. Must have at least 6 months dance experience.

Music used: Belly Up by Kyoshi
To purchase their music :


Workshop 4: Time Traveller!

2 hours
This workshop is coming soon.

Take your dance combinations in 4 and manipulate them to go with other time signatures. It’s easy if you know how! Using her decades of experience as a pianist, teacher, composer, dancer and choreographer she will take you through a short choreography to Sydney based ethno Jazz band, The Zela Margossian quintet.

There will be plenty of time to go over the combinations in 4, talk about the time signatures we are in and how to change them slightly to fit or in some cases not at all! Devi will also take your through understanding the grouping of time signatures (not just the count) which will open up your music choices in the future.
Level: Beyond beginners to advanced. Must have at least 6 months experience in dance.
Music used: Triptych by Zela Margossian Quintet
To purchase their music:


Workshop 5: Flamenco/FCBD® Fusion and New 6/8 Zill Patterns

3 hours
This workshop is coming soon.

Devi and Ghawazi Caravan are known world wide for their flamenco stylisations for FCBD® Style. Learn direct from the source with some brand new additions. These steps are currently available on Devi’s Inspired Combinations DVD with a taster on many of the new combinations that will be available later in the year.
The first hour will go over Devi’s brand new zill patterns for 6/8 and 12/8 timing, which Flamenco music often uses. The second hour we will go over the steps and combinations and the third hour we will put it all together.
Level: Intermediate to advanced.
Music used: Just your zills! You can use your metal ones or wooden ones for more of a flamenco sound and feel.


Ghawazi Caravan is celebrating 20 years in 2020

For this monumental occasion, we have some special news to share with you all! Devi and the dancers of Ghawazi Caravan are getting ready to film a new instructional downloadable video, Devi’s Inspired Combinations. Volume 2!

This Download will have something for everyone including brand new ATS® movement dialect as well as combinations inspired by Flamenco, Indian, folkloric Egyptian and fusion dance styles.

PLUS… Devi has collaborated with some of her favourite musicians and is composing all the music for the video which will also be available for purchase for you to dance to! The album Ouroborus by Devi Mamak and the Caravan Band is a feast for the senses. A fusion of world music, classical and Jazz.

Keep watching this space as pre-orders will be available very soon! Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 there will be a delay in the production but we are determined to make it happen and will get back to you all very soon.

About Us

Ghawazi Caravan is a Blue Mountains based dance company who perform Tribal Style Bellydance, a contemporary, fusion dance form that seamlessly blends ancient and modern traditions in a unique and beautiful way.

Ghawazi Caravan bring unique flair, glamour and colour to any event. Their specialties are weddings, hen’s nights, corporate events and parties. Ghawazi Caravan dancers are experienced in events from full dance shows with live musicians, to a short and sweet duet or a lively festival set.

Middle Eastern dance, Flamenco and North African dance are some of the strong influences for Ghawazi Caravan. They pay homage to the cultures they are inspired by, considerately incorporating them into their contemporary Australian experience.

The term ‘Tribal Style’ is a used within the Bellydance community to describe a style where the connection and interaction between dancers is a dominant part of the performance and this element is one of the most enjoyable and fun aspects to watch!

Devi teaching at TribalFest, CA


Intermediate ATS® & Advanced Ghawazi Caravan style  with Devi Mamak

Wednesdays from 6.30pm at Hazelbrook
Contact: / 0419184231

Integrated Oriental & Tribal Style Bellydance
with Catherine

 Tuesdays 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm at Leura

Beginners to intermediate level, Leura Public School, Cnr Mount Hay Rd and Willow Park Ave
Contact: Catherine 0416 199 842

Upcoming Events

February 2nd 2010: Sunday Sahla Showcase 5.30-7pm

at Amera’s Palace Belly Dance Boutique
Level 2, 314 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, Marrickville, New South Wales 2193

Live Arabic Music and Performances. 100% live music event!
Ghawazi Caravan are excited to perform ATS Improv with some of Sydney’s finest live musicians.

As part of the Live Music Summer Intensive program 2020 presented by Jrisi and the Hathor Dance Studio, Sunday Sahla Showcase is an intimate and informal showcase of what our dance participants have been creating during the intensive weekend.

Doors open at 5pm. Show duration: 90mins
Show tickets $25 pre paid. $30 at the door.
Children under 13yrs $15. Children under 5 free.
For information call Jrisi on 0409 243 764 or email

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