April Erzetich

April Erzetich

Teacher and troupe member

April has been dancing since she was three when she started Jazz ballet. She danced with the same school to the age of 16 in this time studying classical, modern, hip-hop and flamenco.

When finishing High school April started learning Egyptian Baladi in Newcastle where she progressed to be a troupe performer for several years and a substitute teacher. Her teaching experience also extended to workshops for the youth at community centres, one at Camp Quality, and most recently at Katoomba High School. April has been training in the American Tribal style since 2002 and performing with Ghawazi caravan since the beginning of 2006. April has travelled twice to the U.S.A, once in 2004 with G.C. training with Carolina, Suhaila, Domba, Jill Parker, Colleena and again in 2005 training for five weeks with Jill Parker and Ultra Gypsy. April also studied Flamenco in Canada for 6months in 2005. Her performance experience also includes some solo dancing with acts such as Babylon Bicycle, Gamalen Nova Kasatria and The Love Lorn Living Party.

In addition to this April has studied intensively in India at the Shakti School of Dance since 2008 for months at a time.
Here April learnt Khalbelia Gypsy dance and Odissi Classical Temple Dance. This intensive training has also lead April to co create choreographies and workshops in Indian fusion Styles with Devi. April is available to teach workshops in all of these styles (see below).

April Erzetich Interview:

DOB 25/08/77 I grew up in Newcastle

What do you do for a living? I work for a disability home care company and I’m in the process of getting my silvermithing/jewellery design business started.

What is your personal life likeColourful!

How long have you been dancing?Since I was 3.

What other styles have you done?Jazz, classical, modern dance, splashes of hip hop, Workshops in African, Egyptian Baladi for many years, Turkish, Flamenco. I have also spent the last couple of years studying for several months at a time in India learning Odissi classical temple dance and Khalbelia gypsy dance for the local gypsy girls.

How long have you been doing tribal? Since 2002 When I went to the mountains for my first workshop.

What appeals to you about tribal?The strength and grace of small but very controlled movement and the power of the flamenco influenced posture was the main attraction , as well as the gorgeous black skirts. The awe that is created within when I watch a really great slow dancer made me really want to learn how to accomplish that myself …. Oh and the opportunity to wear lots of elegantly crafted beautiful chunks of silver. He he

Hobbies? Oh so many fun things to do, Spinning, weaving, felting, basketry, drumming, sculpture, silver smithing, walking through the wonderful Blue Mountains wilderness, and i have just started lapidary so i can gather my own gem stones and minerals and fashion them into cabochones and set them in silver to make unique adornments.

What dancers inspire you?  Ohh so many to pick from so I will give you 3… Devi of course that’s why I left my home town and moved to the misty mountains, Maria Osende who I studied Flamenco with in Canada, you should really check her out, hot hot stuff, and finally the beautiful and enchanting Colleena.

Where do you see yourself and Ghawazi in the future?  Hmmm don’t know really so many things have happened that I couldn’t have imagined so I’ll see what fate has in store for us….. dancing in Egypt would be nice.