Sara Arrell

Sara Arrell

Troupe member

Sara has been dancing most of her life but only discovered belly dance as an adult, it was the Tribal kind!

Drawn to the empowered and alternative style of tribal bellydance, she dove in with full enthusiasm and has been studying and performing for the last 10 years. She loves this dance form that celebrates all different sizes and shapes of women’s bodies and is so multifaceted. Not only learning new ways to move and hone technique, but also exercising her mind and creativity in a supportive and inspiring community.

She has learnt from Cristie Fuller, after studying with Hillary Cinis, Barbara Gonzales and Kelly ‘Kurvy’ Guenther. She has also taken intensive workshops with ATS and fusion dancers in Australia and overseas.

Sara practices yoga and pilates, having a particular interest in body awareness and healthy dance mechanics.

She loves dancing with zills and live drums especially. Her favourite thing in ATS is to enjoy a real Tribal “jam session” with dancers from other places – this feels like the real essence of Tribal dance, when we all share the same language through movement. That transcends barriers.

She completed General Skills – Traditional and Modern in January 2015, San Francisco USA. ATS Teacher Training completed in September 2015, Australia.

Sara’s teaching approach is informative and fun, aimed at finding a good balance between developing technique and ‘letting go’ enough to flow to the music.

I’m a social worker

I did gymnastics and ballet growing up, with a little bit of contemporary and jazz.
As an adult I have broadened my bellydance horizon taking classes in oriental/cabaret, Turkish romany and fusion styles.
I also love more free-form dancing and have explored dance as a healing modality.

OTHER HOBBIES? What’s your personal life like?
I enjoy photography, bushwalking, cooking, sewing and yoga.
My personal life is filled with my young family these days but I like to travel and have new experiences as often as possible.

The magic of group connection, dancing as one but all bringing your own unique aspects. The aesthetic is just beautiful, drawing together adornment from various cultural traditions that compliment the movements. Also, the strong, proud posture – it beautifully shows the form of the body and has a carry on effect in everyday life that helps you to feel strong and proud.

What dancers inspire you?
Kami Liddle is one of my favourite Tribal Fusion dancers.
Jrisi Jusakos – her technique and passion flaw me every time I see her dance. She is such a diverse and accomplished performer, teacher and part of the Australian bellydance community
Cristie Fuller, Devi and Kelly my beautiful Tribal teachers, and all the gorgeous dancers of Oreades and Ghawazi Caravan. They inspire me to keep improving in my dance and always enjoy the journey.