In this brand new intensive Devi will guide you through step by step on how to become the best dancer you can be!

This intensive will include how to get the most out of every movement, the importance of stillness, foot and arm patterns and how to keep track of them, musicality including various ways to break down some of the most challenging time signatures so you will have the confidence to use them, fun and new ways to use your zills, improvisation, how to choreograph and more!

Devi’s intention with this new intensive is for every dancer at every level, whether they are a performer or not to be able to unlock the door on some of the more challenging aspects of being a dancer and change the way we think when coming up against some of these issues. As well as a brand new outlook on your dance Devi wants you to find your own unique style and she will help you to bring that out into your dance whether it be in the comfort of your own home, the classroom or on the stage.

The first module of STAGECRAFT is the classic module and is the foundation for all style modules of STAGECRAFT. To participate in the other style modules you must complete the classic module first. The Classic module is 4 days and will be run over two weekends in Newcastle, NSW (May and August 2019). Here are the details of our first weekend, now open for registration:

Weekend 2 will be held in Newcastle on 24th and 25th August 2019 and the workshop topics are:
– Crazy Rhythms, cool head
– Demystifying your zills
– how to choreograph
– Musicality
– The x factor!
– The art of emotive improvisation

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